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FAST RELIEF™ System Review

The Fast Relief System consist of three products.

1. Fast Relief Cream - Rub on cream that helps relieve pain within minutes of applying. Apply to the problem area and feel the cream do its work. The Fast Relief Cream contains Lyprinol  which comes from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. If you doubt the effectiveness of this cream then you need to read about Lyprinol and how it is extracted from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. The process is patented and it is the processing of the muscles that make Lyprinol so effective.

2. Fast Relief Capsules – The cream works from outside in and the Fast Relief Capsules work from the inside out. These products make for a powerful combination that will have you amazed. Never before has a product combination like this been produced.

3. FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support - This item is specially designed to help with Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and allow individuals to live an improved lifestyle. This product may reduce common problems such as  “pins and needles”,  numbness, tingling and pain that is associated with diabetic problems in the legs and feet. If our bodies are given the right healthy items it has been found that regeneration of nerve fibers is actually possible. This is done by the  stimulation of Nerve Growth Factor.

This is a very brief review of these three products. To learn more about these products visit Plexus Worldwide at the link above and get a more detailed description of these products.

Watch the video below as Dr. Dennis Harris, M.D goes into more details about the Plexus Fast Relief Nerve Health Support line of products.

What does FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health  Support contain?

The Fast Relief Nerve Health Support product is getting some very good  reviews from the people using it. This product helps the body produce nerve growth factor with the combination of natural ingredients and a pure form of the B vitamins. It also has a proprietary blend of vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids.– each one  contributing to the overall health of a person. Other contents of the product  include but are not limited to:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B6





Folic Acid




See the label for all of the  ingredients listed. As stated above there is also a proprietary blend.

Note: This information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended to replace the advise of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advise about a specific medical condition.


2 thoughts on “Fast Relief System

  1. I am an Ambassador with Plexus and have been for only 3 months. I love all the products and use them all. My dad was diagnosed with Polymyalgia a few years ago and he is in ALOT of pain. He is 85. He has tried all sorts of all-natural vitamins and nothing as helped him. He has been on Prednisone for about 5 years and would love to get off of it, but that is the only thing that keeps the pain at bay. My question to you is this…would he have to take the full dose of each product to get the pain gone? For example: take 6 caps a day of Nerve Support Health in order for the pain to go away. I added up the cost of what that would be with taking that many caps for each product an that gets majorly expensive. If he just took 2 of the Fast Relief and 2 of the Fast Relief Nerve Support Health a day, would that help his Polymyalgia? His feet are starting to get tingly, too. Maybe along with the Slim as well. I am taking the Nerve Support Health for my plantar faaciitis and 2 was not working, so I just started this month with the full dose of taking 6 a day. I am hoping that helps. It is expensive taking that many a day, but I am willing to give it a try because my pain is so bad. But, not a lot of people are willing to spend this kind of money. So if you could suggest what dosage my Dad could take to help with his pain that would be much appreciated. Thank you for all you do for Plexus Worldwide.

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